Car parking at the Pavilion

READING in the Bexhill Observer (Friday March 22) that plans are being made to add a further nine parking spaces to the De La Warr Pavilion car park along with other “visitor-friendly” additions in the town.

May I suggest that the part of the 57K of tax payers money that will add the proposed nine parking spaces be put to better use.

The now overpriced parking at the De La Warr Pavillion is off-putting to visitors and locals alike and rarely is the area seen more than half full.

Why not save the cost of the extra spaces and make the car park, surely one of the most iconic coastal car parks more friendly to all with sensible and thoughtful pricing of car-parking fee.

Local shops and very likely the De La Warr Pavillion itself are suffering with spending downturns, overpricing of important services just makes for less attraction to visitors.

Derek Stocker

Duke St