Cancelled as ‘gesture of goodwill’

A COUPLE of weeks ago I had a letter, issued on July 4, from Parking Eye, the company that monitors Morrisons car park in Bognor.

I was told I faced a £50 fine if I paid by Sunday, July 17, or it could go up to £80 plus a £30 admin charge, which equals £110.

I queried it and told them I had just under two minutes left on my ticket.

I entered the car park at 09:53:16 and departed at 11:51:51.

They replied that, as a gesture of goodwill, they would be cancelling this parking charge as it appears the incorrect registration number had been input, which resulted in the issue of the parking charge.

So beware when you park – if you make a slight slip, you’re fined.

E Moore

Millview Close, Pagham