Cafe is a ‘blot on the landscape’

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HAVING taken deep breaths to contain my disappointment and misgivings I have chosen to write to you to bring attention to the ghastly, ill-placed building that Arun District Council has visited upon our beautifully reclaimed and refurbished Hotham Park.

It seems little thought has gone into this decision apart from that of revenue.

Positioned next to a path which runs past the boating lake, less than a stone’s throw from the new ‘conservation’ pond and the long-enjoyed ornamental pond, this concession has placed various ugly silver table and chairs on the (presently) lush grass space.

I had occasion to tell two children to stop terrorising the ducks from the pond, their parents ignorant to their actions as they drank their tea, out of sight, as there is a small hillock there.

I wonder how the wildfowl will prosper given the real chance that half-eaten chocolate muffins, hamburgers or whatever might so easily be tossed to them?

This area of the park (formerly Rainbows End) had been turned into such a tranquil part of the park with wildlife attracted to the conservation ponds.

The tranquillity has already been lost

I wonder if the same might happen to our newly-welcomed wildlife?

What seems most strange is that there is still a perfectly good cafe now closed down (the owner forced out it seems by Arun District Council I am sure with a view of greater revenue from a new concession) with an ideal paved area for seating and tables conveniently close to the WCs and the parks important bandstand especially during the Proms In The Park.

A more logical site surely?

Ideal for a comfort break for the elderly or young, baby-changing and indeed, the general hygiene needs of customers close by.

So disappointed.

I wonder how this edifice fits in with our conservation-friendly Lottery-funded Victorian Hotham Park?

Mark Strachan

(Previously an ardent advocate of the pleasures of visiting Hotham Park)

Bognor Regis