Bus service does need looking at

Thank you for drawing attention, in the May 19 Observer, to the potential loss of local bus services, and for printing two letters of protest last week.

Living on the 60 route, adjacent to a bus stop in Pagham, I was pleasantly surprised when the service frequency was increased, a couple of years ago, from two to four buses an hour during the majority of the week.

Amazement was more my reaction when the pensioner concession was improved from half fare to free.

Where was the extra money for Stagecoach supposed to come from?

From my privileged location, it is quite clear many of the buses carry only a few passengers and most of those are enjoying concessions.

Only the ‘school runs’ are full to capacity.

Conversely, some buses are empty when passing my house.

For one reason or another, there is rarely regular spacing between buses.

Last week, I waited 35 minutes in Chichester for a bus which was followed by two others within five minutes.

Maybe statistically that’s quite good – three buses in 40 minutes against a 45-minute plan – but clearly it’s not close to timetable.

Buses regularly ‘leapfrog’ each other between Bognor and Chichester when one would be more than adequate, hardly demonstrating effective cost control.

I remind readers the West Sussex Bus Service consultation doesn’t close until June 24, so there is still time for readers to submit constructive suggestions for minimising cutbacks on the current 60 Timetable.

Don Lambert,

Cardinals Drive

Bognor Regis