Broken promises

COUNCILLOR Dendle’s statements about the Civic Society (Letters, Observer, November 29) are inaccurate and unfounded.

We have had to put up with underhand advertising, and also aggressive statements by more than one councillor in order for Arun/ St Modwen to achieve approval for a lacklustre regeneration scheme which offers the people very little in return for the building of seven blocks of flats, an unwanted multiplex cinema, an unneeded hotel, bars and restaurants, and a huge loss of car-parking spaces.

Where’s the leisure which was promised when the regeneration debate was started?

In view of the pressure being put on local people to accept this scheme, I believe the analysis of the replies would inspire more confidence if it were done by an independent authority with the results being made public.

We would then know how children and others, including those living outside Bognor Regis, have voted, especially in relation to the multiplex cinema, which is said to be pivotal to this whole scheme.

I read in your paper that the results gathered at the exhibitions will, in fact, be passed to the Bognor Regis regeneration sub-committee where, I have been told, no public questions are allowed.

Mary Stanley

Sylvan Way

Bognor Regis

We regret that, due to a production error, this letter was incorrectly printed last week.