Britain needs to just get out of the EU and trade

John Wilton is wrong when he says that the Referendum was only advisory; the Government said that it would respect the will of the people; both main parties included supporting Brexit in the more recent election, so, whoever won, Brexit was and is the UK’s policy.

Incidentally, the voters never voted to join the EU; they only voted to join a trading partnership in the original referendum (which I voted against because of my knowledge of Germany’s long term aims).

The majority of remainers are too young to have any experience of true demoracy; I had over half a century and although this period included the general strike in 1926, the Wall Street crash in 1929 and the following five years of depression, plus the second world war, I still prefer democracy to remaining in the EU.

I have incidentally had about 40 years of experience of negotiating with European states on behalf of the Government and I warned the Government, even before the referendum was held, of the problems they would face in the so-called negotiations; but inexperienced younger people thought that they knew best; events have proved me right and we now need to just get out next March and trade with our Commonwealth friends and join the rest of the world under WTO terms, which work perfectly well.

K W Newby, Elm Park, Bosham