Bravo to brave teems

HOW COURAGEOUS of Demelza Merry Craven and Suzanna Dixey to visit Auschwitz.

I admire them and their eloquent articles (Observer, January 26). I visited there in September 2006 and I believe most young people should.

The atmosphere is indescribable.

When I was there, a party of teenagers arrived, the boys full of bravado and noise. As soon as they passed under the famous gate sign, their mood changed to quiet and respectful, and later I saw many of the girls in tears.

As you progress around the camp the horrors penetrate your very being.

The exhibit that found me sobbing was a glass-topped table filled with baby clothes.

The world is a strange place, a mixture of love and hate, but please let the youngsters of today learn more about respect and love for their fellow human beings.

Mrs A Canfer

North Bersted Street,

Bognor Regis