Boost harbour access

VERONICA Lloyd is quite correct to say that tourists need venues – and perhaps she would share her thoughts with all those residents on the Beach Estate who deprive all the disabled and infirm residents and tourists alike of the venue which is situated at the end of the road next to where she lives... Harbour Road.

Does she not think that local residents would like the opportunity of enjoying Pagham Harbour, along with possibly large numbers of visitors who have been in the habit of taking advantage of the car park and who may even now arrive to take up the facility and find they can’t? Why?

Because of the actions of Beach Estate supported, I presume, by the beach residents.

I have not lost my belief that the action to close the car park is discriminating against the disabled and those who are unable to walk the half mile length of Harbour Rd (a round trip of a mile).

Why should we have a ‘Pagham’ Harbour when many local people are unable to access it?

It also seems that these selfish people have no wish to overcome this discrimination by allowing Harbour Road to be adopted and made up.

Yes, let’s have facilities for visitors and residents – not just some venues, but all of them.

The RSPB who now manage the harbour live by voluntary donations.

If they are not going to take action to re-open the car park, I just hope that none of their collectors come knocking on my door. Meanwhile, we still have Pagham Harbour to which Pagham residents are effectively denied access.

Geoffrey King

Oaktree Close, Pagham