Bognor needs a rink

I WAS very interested to read the regeneration survey results in the Bognor Regis Observer, particularly with regard to the obvious interest in an ice rink.

This would be a unique and innovative development for the town. Southampton Council have recently turned down an application to build such a rink, which means there is no ice rink along the whole of the south coast, the nearest being Guildford.

This would be a great opportunity for our community as Bognor Regis is readily accessible by road and rail, ideally placed to draw in visitors from a wide area, and has sufficient sites to build such a rink. This would be a major attraction to visitors, with the ability to extend our visitor season right through into the winter.

Such a facility would complement the building of new hotels already taking place in our area, current businesses, as well as those planned for the future.

This is the era of the staycation. Holidaymakers are looking for a variety of experiences, preferably not weather dependent. They are moving away from the idea of large cinema complexes (the demolition of Bournemouth’s Imax complex and the unworkable and ineffective surf reef at Boscombe).

We have a nice theatre with easy car parking and a lovely, intimate cinema. Yes, both need revamping and remarketing, but not rebuilding, that is just a waste of valuable resources.

This is the year of the Jubilee and the Olympics.

Can we also make this the year when we make the unique choice to support the creation of an ice rink for Bognor for an extended visitor season, for jobs, and for the future of innovative development for our area?

Valmai Chambers

Wychwood Walk,

Bognor Regis