Bognor a dump? Never a truer word

WHY should Councillor Baldwin from Horsham be made to apologise when never a truer word has been spoken?

Horsham is a credit to the local council: a clean environment, lovely shops, the Swan Centre, town markets and a bandstand which is used for most of the year with regular bands and orchestras playing and a selection of good restaurants.

I have lived in this town for over 40 years (and I am still embarrassed to say I live here) with half a pier, empty bandstands, litter-strewn streets... the list goes on and on (no wonder it is the butt of all jokes).

Even the Birdman is a half-hearted attempt at entertainment especially this year’s event – it’s no different from watching the local teenagers jumping from the pier during the summer months, minus the feathers.

The day Marks and Spencer pulled out of the town was the worst thing that could have happened and since then our shops are practically non-existent: no decent shoe, fashion or department stores.

Yes, we have a £40m school (great for education but not much use for the town); yes, we have Butlin’s, where everyone stays put for the duration of their holiday.

As for free car parking, that’s great if there is anything worth seeing.

I would personally pay to go shopping elsewhere.

Councillor Jim Brookes wants to open his eyes – he might like a town ‘frayed around the edges’, but if something is not done soon it will be threadbare.

After all a town is only as good as the people that run it

Lyn Penny,

Bognor Regis