Blue badges bumped

I ATTEMPTED to park my car at the free overhead car park at Morrisons and was aware there were six cars waiting, intruding into the road adjoining.

I entered the lower ground floor car park (the first time for many months) to discover a change of arrangements with the introduction of charging machines and a number of notices pointing to a requirement to pay a minimum of £2 for parking up to two hours. This applied to all parking, including blue badge holders of which my wife is one.

I spoke to a neighbour who said they had been as confused by all of the posted requirements on the notice boards and all the ticket machines as I was.

I left immediately with the implied threat of a demand from the presence of three overhead cameras adjacent to the car park exit.

I spoke to a lady in charge of enquiries at Morrisons requesting an information sheet for the benefit of the elderly, infirm and those with fragile memories to enable them to study what should be done to enable them to use the ground floor car park in a correct and sensible manner.

She was polite but curt in replying there were no pamphlets and there would never be any pamphlets.

David Fleming

Colts Bay,