Belated response

Dear Duncan Barkes,

A very belated response to your article (Observer, February 15) regarding corned beef cans!

Just felt I had to say it’s good to hear somebody else beef (sorry!) about them because I have been saying for a long time they are lethal and, in these current times with obsessive health and safety concerns, it really surprises me that they seem to have got under the radar.

They are a nightmare and with many scars on my fingers to prove the point, I now open them with great trepidation, or even better, get my husband to do the dirty deed!

I’m surprised the companies concerned haven’t been sued with this country’s hunger for compensation for absolutely everything and with all the sophisticated technology we have, why haven’t they thought of something a little more user friendly and less barbaric!

Sorry, I’ve now had my rant, but I’d love to know why they are still permitted.

Lesley Smith

Ilex Way