Be clear on harbour

REGARDING Mr King’s letter in the Observer (January 19), how dare you write an opinion on something you really do not seem to know about?

To begin with, the access to Pagham Harbour Nature Reserve is not closed to the public, you can still go up there but you have to walk.

I have seen quite a few people who are disabled going up there and you must remember that there is parking down on the North Wall down Church Lane.

As for the views of local people, I don’t know who you have spoken to but it certainly is not anyone that actually lives on this beach estate.

Perhaps you would like 80,000 cars coming past your residence, some doing over 30mph, on the unmade-up road (this is from data collected on traffic in 2010), people parking and obstructing your driveway when the car park is closed, and the abuse you receive when you tell someone not to park there.

As for how much money is put towards the amenity, have you been up there lately?

A lot of the wire fences are broken, there is dogs’ mess everywhere, dogs are roaming about off leads and no wardens are ever seen up there.

When the car park was open it was disgusting when you went for a walk after the weekend, there was litter everywhere, even on the beach itself.

I would also add that prior to the car park closing, West Sussex County Council were paying towards the road, but then stopped, so why should the residents pay for it when there is so much traffic up here?

It wasn’t just cars that came up here either, delivery vans and lorry drivers would go up there to have their lunch, also large campervans.

You write about the disabled/infirm being discriminated against. What about the discrimination the residents have to suffer?

Mr King, I think you’ve got your priorities wrong, you should be worrying about the sea defences, because if they are not done you won’t have any access to Pagham Nature Reserve because it won’t be there!

Dawn Bridger

Harbour Road, Pagham Beach