Banning booze is ‘not easily enforced’

THE HEADLINE with regards to a total ban on the drinking of alcohol in the town streets and the beach (Observer, July 19) was eye-catching and to the writer was a very good idea; however, on reading the article, there was something that became obvious, that this was no more than a pipe dream.

The councillors who want this total ban proposed to have this carried out by the police or police community support officers. This, as any sound-minded person who resides in Bognor and the surrounding areas, will find laughable.

When did you last see any police or community support officers patrolling the area in which you live, or the centre of Bognor? The only time you see police now is driving with sirens blaring, going to who knows where.

Please, therefore, before proposals like this are put forward by councillors, can they ensure that there is in place the numbers of police or community officers available to carry out such patrols.

J Frame