Ban drivers in town centre at weekends

I QUITE agree that driving in the pedestrian area is a real hazard and it really is a wonder that no-one has been seriously hurt.

On Christmas Eve around 10.30am I stood opposite Boots to listen to the Salvation Army brass band playing carols. I took one step backwards and very nearly got hit by a moving car – the driver just tooted me and carried on. I then witnessed a stream of passing cars weaving between the people trying to listen and feared for the tiny children who braved their path to put money in the collection bucket. But of course all this is quite legal and disabled drivers are allowed to do this.

However, I think what most shocked me was the extreme ignorance of one particular driver who sat for 20 minutes in his parked car with its engine running right next to the band – he was smoking a cigarette while his able-bodied wife did some shopping!

I think further restrictions should definitely be applied to driving in this area before there is a serious accident. Monday to Friday access until 11am would seem to be acceptable because children are at school, but I certainly think there should be a total ban at weekends and bank holidays to allow families to shop safely together. And next Christmas maybe I could actually relax and properly enjoy the music!

Debbie Burford

Parklands Avenue,

Bognor Regis