Astonishing ignorance

I am astonished at the ignorant effrontery of the leaflet recently delivered to Bognor households.

Some years ago Arun District Council asked three developers to present proposals for Bognor’s regeneration.

St Modwen seemed the most promising but since then they have taken no heed of our expressed needs.

People have several times spoken on their own behalf about what they do and do not want.

They want to see enhancement of Bognor’s attractions both as a seaside resort and as a place to live and work.

Large numbers have said they do not want to see more flats on the seafront.

They have said, as have users from Littlehampton and elsewhere, that they do not want the viability of our flourishing and up-to-date cinema endangered by another one in the town.

They have repeatedly said they want the Regis Centre to continue to be used for entertainment purposes only.

The leaflet implies that we are being offered £40m.

Admittedly, if all the buildings proposed were erected there would be an increased amount of council tax collected.

But the prime purpose of the investment is to produce income for the developers.

What worries me most about the proposals is that, while more residents and visitors would be brought into the town centre, parking places would be reduced.

Do we want this?

Ted Bell

Marine Drive West

Bognor Regis