Arun must listen to people of Bognor

This should be a warning about ‘regeneration consultation’.

An item in the Skelmersdale Advertiser (Lancashire) reports a ‘consultation’ about a £20m project for shops, restaurants, bars, and a multiplex cinema involving St Modwen was only for five hours on April 3, three hours on April 4 and five hours on April 5: the plans will then be submitted for approval in May.

I do not consider 14 hours to be a consultation; this is only showing what has been decided.

Bognor Regis deserves better.

Consultation is a two-way thing and should begin years before any decisions are made. Arun District Council must listen to what is said by the people of Bognor Regis.

Remember it is not in Arun’s remit to ensure profits for private developers, and finally how will building on our very limited car parks help the town’s businesses?

G Diggens

Tuscan Avenue, Middleton on Sea