Arun improvements

COUNCILLOR Mrs Brown, leader of Arun District Council, and her councillors, have always steadfastly refused to link the district’s housing requirements with improvements to the A27 at Arundel.

Transport minister Phillip Hammond made it clear to the recent delegation from Sussex that, although there was no funding available for an Arundel bypass, if it was possible to get developer contributions the government would be more willing to look at doing something.

This is public confirmation that Arun’s policy has failed.

In fact, it is becoming increasingly clear that Arun’s approach has been detrimental to economic progress, not only in Arun, but across Sussex and for many years.

The whole of Sussex has paid the price.

As one of the promoters of the eco-town proposals, I came to know the developers well enough to ask a simple and direct question: what contribution can development at Ford Airfield make towards an Arundel bypass?

The figure given to me in answer to this question was far higher than I had anticipated and might have been enough to leverage an Arundel bypass.

However, it is not my place to tell the people of Sussex – that is the job of their democratically elected representatives.

So here are some questions for Nick Herbert MP, Nick Gibb MP, Henry Smith MP (then leader of WSCC) and, of course, Councillor Mrs Brown.

At the time of the eco-town proposals did you bother to find out what the developer contribution towards an Arundel bypass might be?

If you did, would you care to share the answer with the people of Sussex?

If you genuinely want an Arundel bypass hadn’t you better find out if any developer contributions associated with development of Ford Airfield are still on the table?

It’s time to stop self-interested political maneouvering and put the people of Sussex first.

Tony Dixon,

Barons Close,