Arun fails us again over free parking...

I WAS appalled to read that Arun District Council has failed us yet again!

I refer to the time-honoured tradition of free parking in the Fitzleet multi storey car park on the four Saturdays leading up to Christmas.

This is a much-needed and much-appreciated encouragement, which has the effect of keeping shoppers within Bognor Regis in the run-up to Christmas.

People need incentives to shop – whether it is money off vouchers or free parking, these devices are a sure and tested way to encourage shoppers.

In view of Arun’s ill-judged decision to totally scrap this scheme, I suspect many potential shoppers will now seek more welcoming shopping centres elsewhere.

I was disappointed to read that Nick Stuart-Nicolson of the Chamber of Commerce had initially been browbeaten to accept three Saturdays, rather than the usual four.

There is no logic in the argument that this would somehow create confusion with the new free parking for two hours initiative.

Anyone entering the car park on any one of those four Saturdays prior to Christmas would be immediately aware that they had unlimited parking.

All-day parking is considerably better than only two hours.

The people and businesses of Bognor Regis have come to expect this free parking and it has always been hugely welcomed.

There is no legitimate reason to withdraw it and I urge Arun District Council to reconsider their outrageous decision.

Let’s hope common sense will prevail.

DG Bishop

Old Place,