Appalled at pompous arrogance

I WAS appalled at the pompous arrogance of the letter from Councillor Dendle about the Bognor Regis Civic Society.

He is not a councillor from anywhere around Bognor and it is obvious he knows nothing about the area or anything about the Civic Society either, or he wouldn’t write such a stupid letter.

I am not a member, but I have often been to their meetings and they go to great lengths to allow the public to speak and express their views and as far as I know their AGMs and internal elections have always been held in public.

And in my opinion their comments seems to be very much in line with what the people of Bognor think and certainly more so than anything I’ve heard from any councillor.

I looked at his Facebook page and noticed that the small bunch on there seem to be his political party friends from Littlehampton.

But it also included Cllrs Dingemans, Bence and Smee, also from the same ruling political party, as well as the agent from that party.

They are probably only doing this to distract attention from the Civic Society’s strongly supported campaign for free parking in Bognor. Shame on them.

This sort of childish nonsense is not what we need from people who are supposed to be running the area.

Instead they should be properly and sensibly engaging with the Civic Society and other local groups, and learning what the people of Bognor really think.

If they can’t do that we don’t want them.

Peter Fraser

Felpham Road, Felpham