Apologies for some of what I said

A few weeks ago I had occasion to write to you expressing my extreme anger with the performance of the NHS.

Without re-hashing what I said, which I admit were very strongly-held views, I now find myself in the unenviable position of having to apologise in part for some of those remarks in reference to some of the people in the NHS.

Although I still believe, largely that what I said is relevant and true, I now believe I may have been unfair in lumping together all sections of the NHS.

The medical staff – doctors, nurses etc – the people who carry out the clinical care, I do not and never have had a problem with: the first part of my apology goes to them – and it is unreserved.

Their work and dedication is peerless.

My problem is with the ‘time-lifers’ – those people who join the NHS to have a ‘safe’ job.

It is that which has driven me to distraction, it is those airheads who don’t know what they are doing and never will.

The kind of people who don’t look in a file to see if someone is allergic to something – because it never occurred to them to do so.

The kind of people who don’t check to see what your GP’s name is, or whether you have a particular condition.

Those are the people who should be weeded out now, before they kill someone.

Yours shamefacedly,

PL Keen