Another cafe gone...

SINCE THE closing of Macaris Esplanade cafe, there is not a dedicated cafe on the promenade until you get to Felpham.

Simon Wickenden has tried to do something to rectify this, yet is being hampered by the smallmindedness of certain individuals.

What I am most concerned about is that complaints, which were investigated by Arun council officers, were found to be not true, and more importantly, because Simon Wickenden is closing his business, people have lost work next season.

I would ask those responsible for making these complaints why they thought it a good idea to waste public resources at a time when local services have been cut? Are they happy people have lost their jobs and the owner has lost money?

I moved to Bognor at the age of five and moved to Norfolk two years ago after 50 years, and I am happy to have done so. The people here are the salt of the earth and are happy for others to get on. Particularly if they are creating jobs.

To Simon I say: come to Norfolk, you will see how much further your money can go; to a council happy to have a vibrant seafront and a bustling summer resort.

Good luck in the future.

Gary Helyer

Great Yarmouth,