Anger over Parking Eye

I am so angered by Parking Eye at Morrisons that I have decided to put pen to paper in the hope that something can be done about it.

I personally used to spend a lot of money each week at Morrisons, but now go to a different store where the parking is free.

To have to find £2 in change and then put in your car number plate on a system that is very difficult to read and use (I know my number but if I use another car I have to write the number down so that I can enter it). Then you have to find another £1 to get a trolley.

If you are popping in for one item, unless it costs £10, you do not get a parking refund.

I live in a small road in Bognor where there are only 42 houses.

I have only chatted to a few neighbours but am astonished that four have had parking fines from Parking Eye – all are unfair. I am sure if I canvas the rest of the road there would be more.

All four residents now shop elsewhere – I should imagine Morrisons’ sales have dropped substantially.

Please could you let your readers know the following information:

PCN tickets from government bodies (police, councils etc) are Penalty Charge Notices and are legal and you can be fined or sent to court. PCN tickets from the Parking Eye is Parking Charge Notice and not legal. Do not pay it and do not think of private parking tickets as ‘fines’. They are not. These companies have no official right to fine you, though they may try and make you think it. All they are doing is sending you a notice for what they deem as a breach of contract.

Even if they threaten you with court action they will not pursue it as they have no legal right. It is a threat and sadly most people pay up on the threat.

Parking Eye even send out debt collectors’ letters, but the debt collectors they use are another department within Parking Eye.

I hope this is of help both to your readers as well as Morrisons.

For information I have not been caught by Parking Eye, mainly because I do not use Morrisons any more.

Mrs Peters,