Address basics first, like Bognor’s loos

NOT AGAIN! We’ve had St Modwen’s plan, which is apparently suffering from the global economic downturn. Now we have another scheme put forward by Colliers International at a cost of I dare not think! And all the time the grandiose schemes are advocated ahead of the basics.

I can see it now: ‘Come to Bognor Regis and hunt the toilets’. Day-trippers pouring off their coaches... ‘excuse me, can you tell me where there is a toilet?’ (Best place – the ONLY place – is behind the bushes!)

Access to Pagham Harbour has been cut off to anyone with even moderate infirmity, because no-one wants to surface an approach road. Let’s get our priorities right, for goodness sake.

How can Pagham Harbour be such an important conservation site if people are effectively precluded from enjoying it? If £12m is going to be spent on the Bognor area, there are far more important things to spend it on than studio workshops and art and culture centres. How about facilities for the young – get them involved before they become the hooligans of tomorrow, hanging around the streets with nothing constructive to occupy their minds with youth clubs etc.

Why does Arun District Council insist on ignoring the indigenous population? We were crying out for Asda’s development, but no, that ‘would not have been good for Bognor’. So said all the know-alls from the other side of the district. Ferring looks like getting the Asda instead. (Anyone want to run a bus service direct to Ferring?)

Instead of wasting all these millions on consultants’ pie-in-the-sky schemes, let’s get on and look after the basics instead of chopping everything to the bone.

Geoffrey King

Oaktree Close,