Adding up the cost of illness

Far be it from me to think that employees of West Sussex County Council are probably the most ill people in the whole country, under huge stress according to Chris Duncton.

It beggars belief 600 staff are absent any given day. The council should get a grip on the situation.

However, given that it costs £6.69 per day for each member of staff absent, then logic would dictate that if all the current staff went sick, the savings would be about 95 per cent of the total wages bill (your figures, not mine).

In the real world of business, ten per cent staff out on a continuing basis would bankrupt most companies. How do I know this? With nearly 40 years in factory management across the UK and Holland, staff out for whatever reason average about two per cent to three per cent.

Ask anybody operating large businesses and they will tell you the same.

It’s not rocket science. WSCC should wake up or ship out.

Alan Green

Clydesdale Gardens

North Bersted