Add my support

I AM writing to add my support to the campaign to save Swansea Gardens.

It comes as something of a shock to discover such a vital leisure facility in the town hovers on the brink of sacrifice, for yet more residential building work in our already overcrowded resort.

Why does ADC need the money from this imminent sale to make changes elsewhere, when several thousand residents already pay huge sums of money in community charges; and didn’t Sainsbury’s pledge half a million to be spent on making improvements in the town? Surely our council has some obligation to its taxpayers, to protect community and tourist facilities.

So why should we even consider losing them and how can it be that Bognor continues to suffer from decades of under-investment while neighbouring towns receive expensive makeovers?

It seems inconceivable that each year we see the loss of important facilities which are designed to draw communities together; while the spread of residential development continues to gnaw its way through our town like a disease.

Despite this growing trend, even I cannot believe ADC would be so heartless as to sell off Swansea Gardens, which not only provides a focal point for recreational activities such as bowling, but is one of the few remaining green spaces left.

I urge the decision-makers at Arun District Council to show a little compassion. No-one is going to want to move to any town which has nothing to offer its inhabitants.

Helen Christmas

Fish Lane

Bognor Regis