Action on floods

We have lived in Aldwick for the last five years and every year, without fail, we have been hit by flash floods at the bottom end of Barrack Lane. And every year, without fail, we have contacted Arun District Council and every year, without fail, they have gone that extra mile (in the opposite direction) and done absolutely nothing.

No, I tell a lie. Every year, without fail, they send out a vehicle to suck all the leaves out of the drains and every year, without fail, the result is Mission: Unaccomplished because the trees shed their leaves like confetti and block the drains.

A Catch 22 you might say. Meanwhile, there’s something strange about Aldwick and trees and I am beginning to believe that the trees in Aldwick (like the cows in India) are sacred.

An earlier edition of the Observer was jam-packed with planning applications to have certain trees lopped. It almost extended to bonsais. I am all for protecting and preserving trees but when it comes to constant flash floods because of drains blocked by leaves, the tolerance wears thin.

Perhaps we should stop paying council tax and pay tree and leaf tax? Arun District Council would make a fortune.

Geordie Campbell,

Barrack Lane,