A spooky memory

I WAS surprised at the letter from Mark Bedden in the Bognor Regis Observer on March 29.

What I am about to relate happened some 40 years ago, but might be of interest to him. At the time my late husband and I did not live here and the area has changed so much in the 32 years since we moved to Felpham.

We had been visiting a relative who lived in East Preston and we left at about 9pm to drive home to Fleet in Hampshire. My husband was driving, I sat next to him and our young daughter sat in the back.

We drove through Angmering village heading for the main road with low hedges bordering fields on either side. Suddenly, a very bright light, almost solid, came in through the driver’s side window and out through the front windscreen. We both experienced a cold shiver all over and my husband lost control for a moment and we ended up on the wrong side of the road, sitting looking at each other saying ‘what was that?’ Fortunately, our daughter saw nothing, but we were quite shaken.

I described it at the time as being shaped like the old comic book description of a ghost, round and solid at the top, then becoming like a tail. At home we tried to think of a logical explanation. UFOs were in the news but this was different.

There were no other cars on that road and no buildings in the area, as we did go back later to look, experiencing the same shivers.

We then wrote to the local newspaper, which I think was the Littlehampton Gazette, but I am not sure now. We got quite a lot of replies regarding sightings on this road and in the area. Each time two people had witnessed it, always in August, about the same time, but with sometimes years between.

It always intrigued us and I thought this may jog someone’s memory.

Teresa Sweeney

Links Avenue,