A sign of the times

I WRITE in response to a letter from Greg Burt about the double Hook Lane signs and to reassure him a trip to Specsavers isn’t necessary – although we thought we needed one ourselves when we saw his picture!

Arun District Council is responsible for installing the signs and two years ago the council received a complaint from a member of the public about there being no sign on the road. We went out on site to check and sure enough, there was nothing there so we commissioned and installed a sign.

We thought we were seeing double when we read the Bognor Regis Observer last week and a second one had appeared!

We think the original sign had become obscured by the hedge it appears to sit in the middle of and it’s only now the hedge has been recently trimmed it’s come to light.

We are arranging for the sign in the hedge to be taken down.

Maureen Chaffe

Head of Information Management (and street naming and numbering), Arun District Council