A paltry sum

Bognor District Council, to ensure the Picturedrome was not turned into apartments, invested £450,000, which is not a paltry sum, of taxpayers’ money to save it. At this time did not Arun District Council know the Picturedrome would be in jeopardy, due to St Modwen’s proposals for a megaplex?

Having being a businesswoman myself I know these topics would have to be negotiated and discussed throughout the process. What a sheer waste of taxpayers’ money and time taken to save the Picturedrome if the new proposals come to fruition.

The ice rink plans and additional play/art areas would be great for tourists on rainy days, as they could also visit the Picturedrome in such circumstances. Please, oh please, will someone come to their senses.

Bognor Regis Council – please stand your ground on this subject as we are all behind you on this one!

Sue Kent

Sunnymead Close,

Middleton on Sea