A matter of time

As residents of Pevensey Road, we are very concerned about the work which is currently being undertaken on the old school site at the junction of Pevensey Road and Amberley Drive.

It would appear that since the demolition of the old school various works have been carried out, and currently it looks as if the ground has been levelled off and certain works are being carried out.

The field has recently been cleared and mounds of earth have appeared.

Following the recent rain, and also in the past, the field has always been covered with water like a lake and we are very worried that if any large development takes place on the land, it will affect ours and other properties in this area from severe flooding.

This in fact did occur earlier this year in June, although thankfully our property was not at that time affected although other properties in Pevensey Road were.

What assurances are being offered to residents in this area that any future development of the land will take all our concerns into consideration before any development takes place?

We strongly feel if our properties should be affected in the future, we will need to be assured by the council every effort will be taken to ensure these problems will not occur.

We also note from an article in the Bognor Regis Observer (October 4) that ‘Signs will warn driver not to speed’ which concerns reminders that drivers are in a 30mph area.

Living as we do in Pevensey Road, which is in a 20mph zone, we wonder why the council are wasting £900 on such signs when drivers totally disregard the 20mph signs in our area.

Pevensey Road itself is used by many drivers as a rat run to see how fast they can actually go: this includes taxis and buses.

We have to reverse out of our drive on to Pevensey Road in our car and are constantly concerned about speeding traffic, not only on the road but on the pavement due to congestion with vehicles being parked on one or both sides of the road.

In our opinion it is only time before there is a major accident as a result of this speeding and drivers’ total disregard for any speed restrictions.

Sheila and Rod Green

Pevensey Road

Bognor Regis