A little effort

A meeting was held at the United Reform Church, Linden Road, on Wednesday, November 14, to discuss the proposed closure of the bowling and tennis facilities at Swansea Gardens with senior members of Arun District Council.

The hall was filled with members of all six bowling clubs in Bognor as well as local residents, interested people and local councillors.

The only people missing were the senior members of Arun District Council, which again shows just how much ADC are concerned about the thoughts of Bognor residents.

Surely it is way past the time when Bognor residents should stand up and be counted and demand they should be the ones that make the decisions that concern Bognor, not ADC.

Bognor Regis has its own very competent councillors and a very usable town hall, they would do a much better job than ADC.

Come on Bognor, with a little effort I’m sure we could make it happen.

Alan Knight.

Hazeol Road

Bognor Regis