A home from home

I CANNOT tell you how pleased I was to see the front page of the Observer (September 13) stating Nyton House had won their case over abuse allegations.

This home is one of the finest in West Sussex and my aunt was there for many years, but social services were sent to find out 
if abuse allegations had been carried out.

What those involved never realised was the impact it would have on the innocent residents that lived there.

All management and staff at Nyton House give the most dedicated care as one would do if one lived in their own home with family: Nyton House staff are their family.

All the worry they had to endure during this torrid time was uncalled for.

While one understands any complaint has to be pursued, this particular complaint went too far – not only was it costly to Nyton House, it was also costly to West Sussex County Council, and the money could have gone on better quality of care in the community.

Jennifer Stewart

Burnside Crescent,