A good use of money

We have just completed the survey for the Arun District Council regarding the regeneration of the local area which did not include the subject of general toilet facilities for visitors and residents apart from those in West Park, Aldwick.

There are toilets by the pier in Bognor, but there is nothing from the pier until you reach West Park.

The toilets in the garden by the ‘Waverly’ pub have been closed for months and it must be difficult for families using the beach in this area as it is quite a distance to the nearest public conveniences.

We have noticed on two occasions members of the public (including families with children) urinating in the gardens surrounding the closed toilets.

Is there any chance that new, secure toilets can be built on the existing site in the gardens as the plumbing is already there.

We feel this would be a good use of monies available for improvements to the area.

Mr and Mrs RJ Carpenter

Bognor Regis