A complete shambles

Since January, we in Felpham and Middleton have endured many weeks of disruption due to the replacement of lamp posts.

Firstly, a team will dig a couple of holes, pile soil on to the pavement, put guards up and go away.

About two weeks later, a second team will plonk the new posts into the holes then go away.

Several weeks later, a further team will dig a trench between the two holes, then go away.

After six weeks we are still no further forward, with piles of earth all over the pavements, barriers blocking half the pathway and with much work still to be done.

This whole business has treated residents with utter contempt and no consideration for our convenience whatsoever.

Why do they not do one section at a time, and finish the job?

Telephone calls to the WSCC prove useless as they just blame the contractor, who seems to not care a jot.

This whole job is a complete shambles and a disgrace.

R Simmons

Flansham Park