20s Plenty should have been voted on by residents

Street parties to celebrate the changes to the speed limits? But not everyone is happy... so your report read last week.

I totally agree not everyone is happy. The East Broyle estate has been defaced with 19 enormous white ‘20’ signs painted on the roads. This is particularly galling as the residents’ association did not support the plan and voted against it at an open meeting when the proposals were initially put forward. The residents’ wishes have been totally ignored.

New road signs cluttering up the narrow roads around Parchment Street – when has anyone safely driven down those roads at 30mph? What a waste of money.

I feel the people who drove the 20 speed limit campaign have imposed decisions about their preferred limit (which maybe is applicable to the roads where they live) on huge areas of Chichester where it is, in my opinion, neither needed nor wanted.

I totally agree with Duncan Barkes’ view the campaign did indeed seem to be full of rhetoric and short on facts; you certainly did ‘offer an alternative viewpoint at your peril’. I too have the strong impression the group were anti-cars, rather than pro-road safety. The scheme and now its implementation has been poorly thought-through, and I believe will lead to confusion, particularly

for new drivers or visitors

to the area.

The 20’s Plenty Scheme was never voted upon by the residents of Chichester; we were ‘consulted’. However it seems, as so often with consultations, minds were already made up so any comments offered, eg regarding the unnecessary imposition in many roads, were totally ignored.

I wait with interest to see what the majority of people think about the scheme in a year’s time, especially in the light of the recent RAC comments.

Chris Molyneux

Bristol Gardens