11-minute window?

I AM absolutely fuming with the ‘jobsworth’ attitude I experienced yesterday evening in the Hothampton carpark in Bognor.

Firstly I think it is outrageous we have to pay up to 6pm for our town carparks, but have always coughed up when necessary.

Yesterday evening I had to pop into town and arrived in the car park at 5.49pm.

When I got to the ticket machine I realised I did not have enough change for the 11 minutes I needed a ticket for.

Consequently I went off to my appointment and am making no excuse for the fact I did not purchase a ticket.

When I returned, lo and behold I had been given a parking ticket from 5.54pm, although it stated I had been ‘observed’ from 5:49pm.

What do these wardens do, hide in the bushes?

I know I was in the wrong for parking without a ticket for ten minutes, but come on Bognor... is 6pm realistic, or are the council determined to screw every last penny out of its residents.

Is it any wonder this town is dying?

Mrs C Lester,

Kew Gardens, Bognor Regis