Yapton man takes Olympic excitement in his stride

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CARERS will benefit from a Yapton man’s run around the Olympic Park.

Dudley Floodgate has presented a £3,000 cheque to Crossroads Care from taking part in one of the first events at the sporting site.

His donation will go a long way to meeting the £5,000 cost of the south central section of the charity’s annual carers’ week.

This gives its clients around West Sussex a 20 per cent discount in their fees.

“My donation will go a long way towards paying for that this year,” said Dudley, 61.

“So often, you don’t know where a donation goes.”

His Olympic run was a one-off sponsored event. He followed it by taking part in last month’s Bognor Prom 10k road race.

“It was a very different experience.

“There was support all the way round the course for everybody at the Bognor Prom.

“The run around the Olympic Park was eerie because there were only a few bemused workmen because all the spectators had to stay in the stadium,” he said.