Yapton family tell of 'Rich House, Poor House' experience

A Yapton family which swapped lives, and budgets, with one in Fareham for a television show has described the experience as '˜an adventure'

Wednesday, 23rd May 2018, 6:25 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:45 am
Victoria Maude, husband Paul Walker and their three children appearon tonights episode of Rich House, Poor House, on Channel 5

Victoria Maude, husband Paul Walker and their three children appear on tonight’s episode of Rich House, Poor House, on Channel 5.

Explaining why they decided to take part, Victoria said: “I thought it would be a chance of a lifetime experience for us all.”

Despite Victoria’s family being listed in the wealthiest ten per cent in Britain and having a weekly budget of £1,716, compared to the Edney family’s £168, she said - due to most of their funds going on school fees - that what struck her the most was the similarities in the way they live.

"I actually live very frugally, with the way we eat and our activities. I am very careful with that I buy and always aim to get things at a good price," she said.

"Our activities are mostly outdoors and being with animals. The children always like to watch screens and they had better ones [during the swap] to watch so they were very happy."

Victoria and Paul are both qualified barristers and met when they worked at the same chambers. Three years ago, Victoria left the profession when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015; she now runs a dogs’ boarding business.

Describing the diagnosis as 'a positive change', Victoria said: "I was working very hard and not earning very much - a lot of what I was earning went on replacing me in terms of child care or someone to look after the dog.

"I enjoyed my job but it mean I was out of the house most of the day. It meant I had a very strong reason to change all that. It gave me a chance to change all of it. Unless you are forced to make a change you just keep going."

Asked if she thinks people will find their lives interesting, Victoria said: "It [£1,716] is what we have available to us but it is what we spend on school fees. I don't know if other people find our life interesting. It [our wealth] is to do with inherited money on my side of the family, he [my husband] earns the same as a train driver and people might be surprised by that."

She added: "But people are interesting full stop and I would love to meet the other family."

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