World-famous theorist to speak at Chichester Cathedral

Chichester Cathedral
Chichester Cathedral

‘Was Jesus a Revolutionary?’ is the subject of a lecture by Professor Terry Eagleton at Chichester Cathedral on Monday (June 29) at 6.30pm.

Terry Eagleton is one of the world’s best-known British literary and cultural theorists.

He is currently Distinguished Professor of English Literature at Lancaster University, Professor of Cultural Theory at the National University of Ireland and Distinguished Visiting Professor of English Literature at the University of Notre Dame.

Eagleton has combined a mighty academic career with a commitment to revolutionary politics and he is also a fierce critic of ‘new atheism’.

He is a controversial and enthralling writer on religion, politics and ethics and is the author of over 40 academic books including The Idea of Culture (2000), the bestselling text Literary Theory: An Introduction (1983, 1996, 2008), and Culture and the Death of God (2015).

In the 1960s, as a radical Catholic, Eagleton wrote articles about a reckless and extreme love, and a deep tolerance, at the heart of Christianity - this exciting lecture provides an opportunity to hear what he has to say fifty years on. Everyone is welcome at the lecture and entry is free.

This lecture in the cathedral nave is organised by the Chichester Theological Society; a collaboration between Chichester Cathedral and the University of Chichester.

Free entry: all are welcome.

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