Workshops set to shape Bognor’s BID

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Workshops are set to take place in the next few months to help shape projects for the town’s Business Improvement District (BID) which will launch on April 1.

Town centre manager Toyubur Rahman said the projects ‘are to be finalised’ and that ‘probably in early December/late January’ workshops will be held with businesses to develop and prioritise the plans.

He added: “It’s up to the board and businesses which projects go ahead and any ideas are welcome.”

The business plan, which formed the basis of what was approved by a vote in July and is estimated to see £700,000 invested, will stand and be stuck to for the five year term, he said.

“There will not be a new business plan.

“The projects that we deliver in year one will be taken from that business plan as the business have already stated which types of projects they want to see.

“This project plan will be published once finalised before the start of the BID.”

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