Working together could be key

A MEETING has shown working together could be key for councils in the Bognor Regis area.

The joint meeting at Bersted Community Centre saw representatives of five local councils – Bognor Regis Town Council, Aldwick, Bersted, Felpham and Pagham parish councils, come together to discuss ideas.

The session, which took place on August 20, featured an address by Trevor Leggo, secretary of the Sussex Association of Local Councils.

He gave a vision of the future and made clear the great opportunities which could be taken advantage of through working together of the town and parish councils.

Patrick Hastings, chairman of Bersted Parish Council said: “Mr Leggo warned funding, currently received from government by 
subsidies and benefits to the district and county councils, is facing the prospect of severe reduction.

“Therefore, some services might have to pass to the town and parish level, if they are to continue.

“The alternative could be to do nothing and to lose discretionary services.

“However, on the plus side, to meet these challenges together could result in smaller councils being able to bypass the ponderous administration costs of the larger bodies.”

The positives of clustering – when councils come together to share resources – was discussed.

The group shared their thoughts of how this could be achieved.

Cllr Hastings said: “It was agreed that one service in particular, Town Force, provided by Bognor Regis Town Council, was very efficient and direct and 
its use could be extended.”

Mr Leggo volunteered to attend a further meeting, to be hosted at Pagham, when he would bring David 
Carden, the clerk of Burgess Hill Town Council, to 
explain the pitfalls and advantages.

A call for more local people to give their time and skills and involve themselves with councils at a town and parish level was also made.