Work to ‘improve link’ between town and seafront

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Arun District Council has confirmed it plans to remove planting near the Regis Centre in Bognor Regis.

A spokesman said the work ‘has been under consideration by the council for some time’.

They added: “The bushes on the mound block the sightline of the town centre from the prom and Esplanade.

“These bushes obscure the view across Place St Maur towards the town centre and York Road, and people in the town centre at York Road or Belmont Street can’t see the seafront. 

“All of our key Strategies identify the need to improve the links between the seafront and the town centre, and improving sightlines are part of the solution to this.”

“Opening up this sightline will have the effect of drawing more people from the seafront into the town and vice versa via Place St Maur. The grass mound will be retained for people to sit on, or use for events and it will be similar to the other grass mounds that are in this area.”

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