Wishing well is a ‘dream come true’ for Bognor Rotary

The wishing well is unveiled. Pic: Laura Cartledge
The wishing well is unveiled. Pic: Laura Cartledge

After four years in the planning, the Rotary Club of Bognor Hotham and Bognor Regis proudly unveiled a wishing well on the town’s promenade this week.

Speaking at the ceremony held on Tuesday, August 2, town mayor Pat Dillon simply called it a ‘great day’ as he cut the ribbon.

While committee member Richard Read explained the hope is other towns will adopt the concept too.

He said: “It is a design that could be copied across the county.

“It is about getting donations for the charities, something that can be difficult as you can’t push too much.

“The Rotary is a trusted organisation, we do the town’s road race and local Father Christmas events, so this is an extension of what we do.”

Mr Read added that the seafront location – on the promenade just east of the Foreshore Station – is a fitting one as ‘wishing wells were built to symbolise water’.

Despite being a traditionally inspired feature, the blue metal construction is a different take on something more conventionally built of brick or stone.

Mr Read said: “We designed this to be in keeping with its surroundings.

“It is a symbol for a lovely Bognor Regis.

“Everyone has a dream, we all have a wish, and this can be a focus for that.”