Widowhood inspires Jacquie’s new book

Jacquie Clarke, from Eastergate, author of Widowhood To Onehood
Jacquie Clarke, from Eastergate, author of Widowhood To Onehood

Jacquie Clarke’s personal grief has resulted in an invaluable new book of guidance for people coming to terms with widowhood.

Widowhood To Onehood is a book of encouragement and support, says Jacquie, who lives in Eastergate and is the creator of the website Widowed World Global.

Through www.widowedworldglobal.com Jacquie offers herself as global ambassador for a new approach to widowhood.

“I believe widowhood can offer the opportunity to grow and take your next steps in life, to discover who you are and to find a new life moving from widowhood to onehood,” she says.

Through Widowed World Global, she provides resources, mentoring and projects that assist women and men throughout the world to turn ‘this transitional time into a powerful, transformative opportunity’.

“It’s my passion and mission to inspire a new attitude to widowhood including helping couples to live their lives in such a way that widowhood can be regarded as a life transition offering potential for further growth and development for the remaining partner, rather than a lonely and debilitating life experience.”

Following her own bereavement, Jacquie set up the Sunday Scene Breakfast Clubs in the area – clubs which rapidly attracted strong numbers of attendees: “They are still going, but I handed over management of the individual clubs.

“I then put my energies into what I saw as reaching a much-wider audience.”

Out of this, Jacquie created Widowed World Global which promotes the concept of passing ‘from widowhood to onehood with grace and positivity’.

“I am very concerned at the plight of widows and widowers throughout the world, some of whose conditions are appalling.”

In parts of India and Pakistan, the abuse widows suffer is dreadful, she says: “Many young girls are married to older men that die earlier, and these poor young girls are then outcasts for the rest of their life.

“There are many organisations including the UN which are endeavouring to change the lot of widowed women.”

Through her website and her work, Jacquie hopes to raise awareness further. In the meantime, her new book – £9.95 plus p&p from www.widowedworldglobal.com – should also prove helpful.

It takes the reader from early days of widowhood through the period of making adjustments into a ‘new life now’.

As Jacquie says: “Widowhood is a journey for which we have little preparation. It challenges all our hopes, expectations, emotions, capabilities, resourcefulness, self-reliance and happiness, but in doing so, encourages us to grow stronger.

“We eventually evolve a new way of life which, while never the same, can be good and fulfilling.”

What to say to people, finding courage, coping with sudden loss, sleeplessness, diversion, lack of focus and clarity, and disposing of possessions are among the areas tackled in the early part of the book.

Jacquie will be taking part in a 5K charity fun walk and run in Hyde Park, London, on Sunday, June 23, in aid of The Loomba Foundation which ‘empowers widows around the world who are suffering through poverty, illiteracy, HIV/AIDS, conflict and social injustice’.

“The link to my Just Giving Sponsorship page is justgiving.com/remember/69114/Denis-Clarke, in memory of my late husband.”

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