Wi-fi zone being created by council

A WI-FI zone is being created in the shopping centre of Bognor Regis.

The town council expects the system to be installed to complement the new look for the London Road precinct this summer.

The zone will enable anyone in the precinct to go on to the internet with a smartphone or computer.

Cllr Jim Brooks, chairman of the council’s events, promotions and publicity committee, said: “We have gone into partnership with local businesses to keep our spending in the town and to ensure we have received value for money.

“The first part of the project will be to install the wi-fi in the precinct.

“We then want to create a zone along the seafront from Butlin’s to the former Esplanade Theatre site and a even further if we can.

“I would certainly like to do that for the summer if the money can be found in the budget.

“The final stage will be for a zone for Hotham Park.”

The wi-fi access would be centred around promoting Bognor through the town council’s soon-to-be revamped website and those created by town residents Clive Mott and Colin Clark. Mr Clark installed a webcam on the pier last summer.

“The wi-fi will enable people to find out what is happening in the town. Visitors often want to look up something on the day or for the next day,” said Cllr Brooks. “It will also let local people know what their local council is doing.”

It should be easy for users to access the wi-fi.

Cllr Brooks said: “It will be an up-to-date system, which we can expand on.”

Safeguards would be installed to stop inappropriate content being viewed. The first stage is costing the council some £1,500. The second and third phases will depend on money being available.