West Sussex people urged to switch to pedal power

WEST Sussex people are being urged to get on their bikes and save money during TravelWise Week, from September 19-23.

The county council’s TravelWise team is pointing out the week coincides with European Car Free Day on Thursday, September 22.

“Commuters could save more than £700 a year by switching from car to bike. A seven-mile cycle ride which takes around 30 minutes will also improve fitness at the same time,” said a county council spokesman.

“As a further incentive, a number of local cycle shops are offering special Travelwise Week discounts until the end of September. For further details visit www.westsussex.gov.uk/travelwise.”

Car sharing was another good way of reducing commuting costs.

Sharing a journey just once a week could save a person more than £100 a year.

The county council’s car sharing website, www.westsussexcarshare.com, helped people that lived or worked in West Sussex to find a car sharing partner.

Buying a bus or rail season ticket could be much cheaper than driving and parking, particularly if bought online.

A monthly rail ticket from Bognor Regis to Chichester was currently £61.10 and a monthly bus ticket for the same journey cost £70, compared with the costs of around £100 in petrol and parking fees.

“The county council’s 3in1 card for young people offers cheaper bus travel and discounts to a range of shops and local attractions, as well as acting as proof of age. The card costs £50 – but is free to those receiving free school meals – and is valid for up to three years,” the spokesman added.

Further information was available at www.yourspacewestsussex.co.uk.

The Europe-wide Car Free Day next week focuses on raising the awareness of nuisances caused by the use of private cars in the city, as well as stressing the rights of pedestrians and cyclists.

It aims to encourage everyone to reconsider urban transport with the prospect of sharing streets more efficiently.