West Sussex Healthwatch comes to Chichester

HEALTH campaigners were out in force to improve bedside manners in the county.

The county watchdog Healthwatch launched in April and this week has seen a publicity drive to get people involved.

Healthwatch comes to Chichester

Healthwatch comes to Chichester

Campaigners were by the Cross, in Chichester, today (October 3) to hear residents’ stories about their experience of health and social care services.

“It’s all about the consumer rights for people really on any health and social care issues,” said Carol Groves, chief executive of the Arun and Chichester Citizens’ Advice Bureau, which is involved with the scheme.

They dressed up as patients and doctors to get people’s attention.

“We thought we’d go a little bit over the top just to draw attention to ourselves and get people interested.”

She said a number of people had approached them and were keen to hear about Healthwatch.

“It’s been great. The response has been really good. People have been really supportive and they’ve been interested and they’ve shared their stories with us.”

The watchdog also wants to hear about good experiences of people to help it gather information.

It will then provide information about services in the county at branches of CAB. To contact Healthwatch, call 0300 012 0122 or email helpdesk@healthwatchwestsussex.co.uk