Waste site could mean fewer jobs

SERIOUS concerns about 
the loss of potential jobs 
have been raised about a proposed recycling centre in North Bersted.

Arun District Council has stated its concerns in its response to the planning application for the new use on Elbridge Farm.

Cian Cronin, a council planning officer, said in his report: “The council retains significant concerns about the loss of the unit from traditional B-class (business) employment uses.”

This was because the proposal for a waste transfer station and materials recycling facility in two redundant farm buildings would result in the loss of high-quality employment space.

Four workers will initially be employed at the proposed facility. This will rise to ten. But Mr Cronin said the B1 use would be likely to generate many more jobs.

However, Arun has raised no objection to the scheme.. The proposal will be decided by West Sussex County Council.