Was bigamist Andrew O’Clee looking for third wife?

Andrew O'Clee outside Chichester Crown Court. Picture by Eddie Mitchell
Andrew O'Clee outside Chichester Crown Court. Picture by Eddie Mitchell

JAILED bigamist Andrew O’Clee may have been looking for wife number three before he was sentenced at Chichester Crown Court.

O’Clee, 36, married his second wife Philippa in Kirdford in August, 2013.

However, he failed to mention to her he was still married to Michelle O’Clee, 39,

National newspapers are now reporting a dating profile has been found for ‘andrewoclee’ for a man of the same age and location on website Plenty of Fish.

The profile, which no longer has a picture, describes a blue-eyed ‘adventurer’ who is ‘looking for a relationship’.

O’Clee, of Wildwood Close, Chiddingfold was jailed for eight months on Tuesday (April 15) after his first wife, Michelle, 39, outed him as a cheat.

The dating profile description lists “andrewoclee” as living in London – where the bigamist and Michelle rented a flat.

O’Clee’s deception went on for a number of years before his first wife Michelle saw a video of his ice bucket challenge on Facebook in August last year, captioned ‘uncle Andrew and auntie Philippa’.

She then saw photographs of her husband’s second wedding and reported it to the police.

Judge Christopher Parker QC said there ‘had to be an immediate prison sentence’.

“You began to develop a complicated and absurd lie,” he said.

“All of which was a complete nonsense but it enabled you to lead a double life.

“The question is, why on earth would you do it? You are a shameless liar, happy to have as much comfort wherever you could find it. Bigamy is an offence against the institution of marriage, an institution founded on complete trust. This was simply a selfish act.”

Bigamist exposed through Facebook is sentenced at Chichester court.